Requirements on arrival and in Ethiopia

  • Visas are not issued at border crossing points
  • visas are issued only at Addis Ababa, Bole international Airport, for those who are eligible to get visa on arrival
  • Visitors with valid travel document and visa, where applicable, may enter the country through the following ports
  • By air
    • Addis Ababa
    • Diredawa
  • By Rail
    • Dewole crossing from Djiboute
  • By land
    • Metemma and  Humera crossing from Sudan
    • Galafi and Dewole crossing from Djiboute
    • Dolo Odo, Togo Chale and Tefri Ber crossing from Somalia
    • Omorate and  Moyale crossing from Kenya
    • From Eritrea no crossing point at the moment

  • Customs requirements
    • On arrival written declaration of the goods or the currency has to made to Ethiopian customs authority
    • Duty-free imports are permitted for up to: 2 litres of alcoholic beverage, 0.5 litter of perfume, 250 gm. of tobacco or 200 cigarettes, portable DVD And VCD, tape recorder with a single CD player, 600 gm. of jewellery (for non-frequent passengers).
    • The travellers or tourists may also import various goods on a temporary basis. However for goods to be temporarily imported, customs may require a cash deposit to cover the duty and taxes normally payable.
    • Visitors may export souvenirs with a value not exceeding USD 500
    • Permits are required before exporting antiques, animal skins and artefacts; which require documentation from the National Museum in Addis Ababa for export.
    • Travellers who bring drugs the quantity of which exceeds that which would be expected for personal use are required to have a permit from the Ministry of Health
    • Visit the following link for details

  • Foreign currency requirements
    • Any traveler to Ethiopia is allowed to bring with him/her any amount of legal foreign currency. There are no quantitative restrictions on importation of legal foreign currency into Ethiopia, provided it is declared on arrival
    • Arrivals to Ethiopia are required to convert their currency in an authorized Bank or establishment whenever they want to have local currency (Birr) by collecting their receipts from the bank, which may be requested on departure
    • The exportation of the foreign currencies you have brought from abroad is not restricted if their previous importation are acknowledged by relevant customs declarations.
    • Resident and non-resident travelers can carry $3,000 or its equivalent in any other convertible foreign currency in cash in and out of Ethiopia with proper evidence of its source.
    • Travelers can only carry up to 200 Ethiopian Birr out of the country
    • Visit the following link for details

  • Health requirements
    • Prior to entry, A yellow fever vaccination certificate is required from travelers aged over one year traveling from an infected area
    • Vaccination against cholera is also required for any person who has visited or transited a cholera-infected area within six days prior to arrival in Ethiopia.
    • About any immunizations you may require please seek advice from your GP, practice nurse or travel health clinic in advance.
    • Travelers who bring drugs, the quantity of which exceeds that which would be expected for personal use are required to have a permit from the Ministry of Health.

  • Extension of visa in Ethiopia
    • Visa holders may stay in the country only up to the date of expiration on the visa
    • Visa extension request, if required, should be submitted to the main department for immigration and nationality affairs by establishing sufficient cause and evidence.
    • The visa application form for this purpose can be found from the department.
    • The department’s address is:-

Main Department for Immigration and Nationality Affairs

Email-  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Fax no- (00) 251 11 155-3209

(00) 251 11 156-4981

Tel no.  (00) 251 11 151-3899

P.O.Box 5741

Addis Ababa


  • Travelers whose entry visa expires before they depart Ethiopia and who hasn’t  obtained a visa extension pay a penalty and may also be required to pay a court fine before being permitted to depart from Ethiopia
  • Registration requirements
    • The following persons shall be registered by main department for immigration and nationality affairs
      • All foreigners residing in Ethiopia
      • A foreigner who enters Ethiopia with an immigrant visa, within thirty days of the date of  arrival
      • A foreigner who enters Ethiopia with a business or student visa or with out a visa ( where it applies) and intends to stay for more than ninety days, within thirty days of the date of  arrival

  • Exit requirements
    • Exit visa is not required to leave the country since 2004
    • Entry and departure date stamp is marked on the passport
    • No airport tax

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